Saturday, April 12, 2008


Oh dear...let me just start off by saying I have never gotten in more trouble on a shoot than I got on this shoot with amanda!! bbbawwwhaaahaa!! so funny!! freaky fun! This dairy farmer was literally steaming to see me near his home with a camera. I said i was sorry but sometimes that's not good enough i guess : P ...not to mention i do follow the theory that it's easier to get forgiveness rather than permission.... it's true . i had fun amanda!!! you crack me up : ) my cheeks got a work out!




Rochelle Ax said...

Well, they look like they were worth getting in trouble for! lol... maybe u should bring him a gallon of milk as a peace offering! lol

Dennis Bullock said...

These are fantastic. I love the soft muted look!

threelittlebirds said...

definitely easier to ask for forgiveness.. or leave running:) definitely worth it.