Monday, June 23, 2008



This is Brittany... I actually called her and made her come over so I could use my new camera..5D!! Yay I still have some things to figure out on it but I know I'll love it. My 30D was good to me but it was time for us to go our sepurate ways :)  I've know brittany for a long time now, she was actually in my wedding and I used to basically live at her house at a couple points in time. Thanks for coming to hang out britt! xoxo






Rachel Absher said...

Oh Ms. D! You rock girl. I know I've said it once, and I'll say it again, you are awesome. Love what you see. Love your use of light.
And after seeing this post, I am totally jonsin' for those pair of cowboy boots I passed up in Nashville!!!

Rochelle said...

Brittany is so beautiful! :) Love her, love the family! Super cute pictures!! LOVE the bingo smile!! :D it's the best!!!

Roper Family said...

love checking out your blog every once in a while. hey - what are you doing with your 30d?
just curious let me know - call me at the church - joey roper