Sunday, June 1, 2008



Gina Gina Gina. I've know Gina for awhile now , I actually shot her sis's engagements a while back. For all the years I've known Gina there has never been a day she wasn't happy. Unless she was acting as your personal bodyguard, which she does quite often! Anytime someone lays an eye on you (particularly a male) she'll be sure to let them know that's not o.k! lol! Never in your life will you meet someone as smiley or as kind as she is...I promise you this :) I had a lot of shots from this sesh but I thought the appropriate ones were the ones with lots of sunshine that's just her..... Gina's got flare :) love ya girl!!







Doug and Cherie Yost said...

you had her lay down in that stuff?! Crazy girls! Let's go shooting soon...I need some Denise pix.

Mark Brooke Photography said...

the sun flare is awesome. You are seriously rockin it!!!! what a great shoot.

Holly Havenhill said...

Denise, your work keeps getting better and better!

JWCfotos said...

S T U N N I N G!!!!!!!!