Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Newest Loftin

My friend Amber had her baby boy Ryan a couple weeks ago. He's the cutest, chill little baby ever. He was awake alot but just sat there and didn't make a peep! Here's my favorite picture from the session. Her birth announcements aren't out yet, so all you get is a taste :) Love you Amber! 



Rochelle said...

I can't believe I didn't comment here yet! This is the sweetest picture~ She looks so content, and baby look sso good and squishy! :) LOVE EM!!

Paula O'Hara said...

Hi Denise

Really enjoy visiting your blog as I love your photography and look forward to seeing all your latest sessions. Particularly like this mother and baby shot.
Wonderful - keep it up!

David & Akachi Omni Media Group said...

this is are extreeeeemmmmllllyy talented.

-David Walker
david & akachi Omni Media Group